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  • Remember on Friends how Phoebe said that her mom always shouted “the end” and turned off the tv BEFORE Old Yeller died? Well, guess how I’m showing my kids HIMYM…

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    Pro-tip: If I post something about how I haven’t been able to see Sherlock yet, do not post a reply to it saying - “Yeah I haven’t seen it either!  Including when this [GIGANTIC SPOILER] happened!”

  • Ok, rant over 😂

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    Lucille: What’s Spanish for “I know you speak English?”

    Making a Stand - 3x08

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  • Start your Monday with the best advice anyone could receive. Ever. If everyone were the #LeslieKnope of whatever they did, the world would be, well, the Leslie Knope of worlds. So go do that! #ParksAndRec

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    Jason Biggs’ Acting Career: A Summary


  • Best Roof Talk Ever: theblueprint: “yeezus” leaked. post it on youtubelet’s make this a...



    “yeezus” leaked.

    post it on youtube

    let’s make this a “youtube player-only” release.

    put download codes on the back of campbell’s soup cans.

    free leaked copy with every purchase of a kilt.

    ‘commercial celebrity boyfriend” edition comes wrapped in special edition glitter…

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  • George R.R. Martin on sex versus violence


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  • Anonymous: Have you tried to the tumblr diet yet? tumblrsummerdiet(.)com Try the coupon code 775151

    o m g   yes I look so fab now. Tumblr diet FTW. 775151 is also the number of pounds I lost like wow woo woo